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Epoxy flooring Brunswick GA

Looking for the best in town – the real floor artists – to help with your next flooring project? We got you covered!

We are a family owned, licensed, bonded and insured company offering exclusive epoxy flooring services in the city. We have been transforming new as well as old residential, commercial, and industrial concrete floors into very durable, high-performance surfaces with a lot of success.

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Why we are the best epoxy flooring company?

We have an awesome, experienced team

We only operate with highly skilled and experienced professionals, and we understand very well how to offer our services in the city and surrounding area.

Our experienced team of installers only work with modern, up to date and properly maintained equipment. They will make sure you get complete attention for our flooring services including residential, commercial, and industrial property.

We are always on time

Unlike most of the other epoxy flooring companies, we don’t keep our customers waiting especially when they actually need our services. We value your time, and our professionals always aim to arrive a few minutes earlier than expected! And, we are always focused at completing the work on time!

We also value your budget

Our pros make it really easy for our local customers with our honest and affordable pricing. And for us, “cheap” pricing never means “cheap” service. We always aim at completing the job on time, and if possible, without putting such a major dent in your finances.

What is epoxy flooring?

It is a very unique ground floor material steadily gaining popularity not only in Brunswick, but in many other states across the country. Once a concrete floor is prepared and smoothed, a resin combined with hardening chemical is applied. The chemical reaction between resin and the chemical converts the mixture into highly-durable and long-lasting, hard-surfaced floor within a few days.

What’s the process of preparing epoxy floors?

The compound is expertly poured onto the concrete floor to a depth of at least two mm. after proper surface preparation including repair (if needed) and allowed for some time to harden before the application of second and third (even more if required) layers. This process of converts normal concrete floors into very strong, stain-resistant, highly durable floors suitable especially for heavy-duty industrial operations.

What are the benefits of epoxy flooring?

  • “Extremely high durability” and “versatility”.
  • Popular for commercial space, but you can definitely opt it for your residential spaces as well.
  • Affordability is another massive benefit.
  • It’s stain repellant, and very easy to clean.
  • Adding various types of designs including painting on the floors is also very easy.


Epoxy Installation Flooring in Brunswick GA

How much does it cost for epoxy flooring?

The answer to this question is not the simplest ones, and it completely depends on the type, space, and dimensions of concrete floors you want top convert into.

The epoxy floor material comes in gallons, and the price of one gallon can range anywhere from $30 to $150, purely depending on the percentage of the solution used to prepare the material. The more coating, the more durable, and hence more expensive it is.

The kits are usually available @ $600 if you want to attempt by yourself. But, it’s actually a very, very difficult process, and we recommend you to only hire a professional company.

What services do we offer as a local epoxy flooring contractor?

We offer a complete range of flooring services including residential, commercial, and industrial at very competitive prices

Residential epoxy flooring

Don’t you always wish for a durable, long-lasting floor that also looks amazing, and is easy to maintain?

Yes, we are confident that you do wish! And, epoxy floor coatings from one of the best floor expert is the solution!

Decorative epoxy flooring in particular has become a very popular option among residents. And the best part is, you can ask us to customize your floors to reflect your unique personality. Here are our unique options you can opt for your residence!

Garage epoxy floor coating

We can completely transform your old-looking, unattractive garage floors into something highly durable, functional, alive, bright, and a place that can also lighten up your mood!

Decorated garage floors with epoxide coating is gaining popularity among the local homeowners not only due to extraordinary appearances, but some other added benefits as well. It is long-lasting, easy to clean all types of fluids including water, oils, motor fluids, spills, and all other liquids. All you have to do is to wipe your garage floor once! Steadiness is another massive advantage. It can easily transform unsteady garage surfaces into very strong and steady floors.

Our company applies coatings based on your choices and taste. Whether you want to make your garage floors colorful and vibrant with a wide range of colors, designs, and patterns, or you want to keep it really simple, we will ensure you get what you are looking for!

Interior Floors

If you want to make your home’s interior floors beautiful, and at the same time, strong, long-lasting, and durable, all you have to do is to hire us! We work on all types of interior epoxy floor coating projects including floors in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and basement etc.

Kitchen: We want you to live with some style and spice! And we are ready to all the hard work to make things really spicy for you! And, making your kitchen floors look nice and beautiful is a unique way of adding some spice! And, we can tell you one thing with confidence! Coating does wonders to your kitchen floors. Whether we talk about floors, backsplashes, or countertops, epoxy floor coating is an amazing option thanks to it’s amazing versatility.

It’s time to say goodbye to your old-fashioned, unattractive floors! Because, you can hire us to get yourself mind-blowing, superbly attractive kitchen floors with beautifully decorated backsplashes and countertops!

Bedroom: Complement add shine! And, what more? You can easily unwind your stress with supremely exquisite floors in your bedroom! Don’t you want to discard those old-styled carpets, rugs, wooden floors, and old tiles? You certainly do!

Contact our company to personalize your bedroom floor with some very unique coatings. From customizing your bed headboards to decorating your floor and adding epoxy resin coating, glitters, designs, and glow, we will provide you with everything at fairly reasonable rates!

Bathroom: Customize your bathroom floor with sealant, create a matching hand-basin, and take your bathroom floor to a completely different level! Yes, you can achieve all this by hiring the leading epoxide flooring installation business for your next bathroom renovation project.

Basement: Breathe life easily into your basement with our very attractive “glow in dark epoxy coating”. It will keep glowing for hours, and will create a dynamic, appealing visual look.

Basement is a very important part of a house, but is usually dark with so much humidity. However, with epoxide coating, cleaning gets surprisingly easier and “glow in dark design” will surely bring some life and completely revamp your basement.

Epoxy Flooring Contractors in Brunswick GA
Epoxy Floor Repair Services in Brunswick Georgia

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Service

Epoxy floor coatings is a great option for a wide range of commercial properties. We install in hospitals, manufacturing units, warehouses, gyms, airplane hangars, and other large commercial spaces.

Why is it an excellent flooring material for commercial spaces?

  • Slip-resistant, safe surface
  • Microbe and bacteria resistant
  • Resists punctures
  • Stain resistant top coat
  • Easy to clean with no waxing needed
  • Resists cleaning chemicals, harsh disinfectants, and solvents
  • Seamless surface for strict hygiene standards

Healthcare units and hospitals

Healthcare workers as well as patients rely heavily on medical ground floors that can discourage bacteria. And, commercial epoxy flooring is a very suitable option not only for safety, but also for long-lasting sanitization.

Epoxy is very good at holding up the heavy medical equipment, wheelchairs, and gurneys etc. It can also withstand 24/7 foot traffic as well as harsh cleaning products.

At J & H Epoxy Flooring, we install our floor service at hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, medical investigation facilities etc. at very competitive prices. Contact us now for more details!

Manufacturing Units and Warehouses

Manufacturing units and warehouses require highly-durable ground floors that can hold up against heat, abrasions, chemicals, and wear and tear. Adhesive solution is one of the most suitable, industrial-strength floor material.

Coating your existing concrete floor or installing one from scratch will add durable, upkeep, safe, and seamless surface with stunningly appealing finish. Talk to our experts for more details about our floor services for manufacturing units and warehouses.

Gym floors

As gym floors are used for placing very heavy fitness equipment, there is no other option but to make a gym floor highly durable and strong. And, epoxide floors can be an excellent option for your gym floor.

As a leading local commercial epoxy flooring industry, we take pride in offering extremely durable gym flooring installation and coating solutions that are also very easy to clean and maintain.

We are confident that our commercial epoxy gym flooring systems will be able to stand the test of time, despite constant abuse even in the most rigorous of the environments. Don’t waste any time, and get a free quote today.

Airplane Hangars:

Air hangar floors in airports and heliports have very special requirements and specifications. Whether in a storage hangar, maintenance hangar, or fuel hangar, floors are expected to be highly durable, and must be good enough to promote the operational efficiency and safety.

We install epoxy floors at air hangars across Brunswick GA at very competitive price. Whether you want our services for privately owned hangars or large government capacities, you can always get in touch with us for satisfied services.

Other large areas: We offer our epoxy floor installation services for other commercial spaces including commercial kitchens, colleges, indoor sports facilities, workshops, supermarkets, malls, exhibition centers, and food processing areas etc.

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

We understand very well that the ground floors at your industrial setup must be very durable, resistant to scratches and harsh chemicals, and stand up to all types of operations without getting damaged or wearing down.

Our service are designed to outperform all other traditional floor options. What more? It is very affordable as well as safe from all aspects. Book an appointment today for a free quote or anything you want to discuss about industrial epoxy flooring installation.

Garage Epoxy Flooring

According to a famous saying, “The more your floor shines, the more your business image will shine”. Now, wait a minute! Have a look at your garage space! Isn’t the floor very dirty and stained? Isn’t it completely covered with oils and tire marks? If yes, consider hiring the best epoxy flooring contractor in Brunswick for a thorough transformation of your garage floor! Bring some beauty, comfort, and fashion to your garage! We are very confident that you gonna love the end results.

Our company have installed epoxy floors at a lot of garages around the city and we will definitely help you to convert your old-looking garage into something really beautiful, durable, and high-performing.

Book a meeting with our customer service team for a detailed discussion on your next garage project.


Our customer service team has always in service for your assistance. You can always talk to us if you want to discuss about anything including the most suitable materials, average material costs and repair, the most suitable variety of the sealants, and other relevant things. And, if you are by any chance facing any budget related problem, give us a chance to make make things easier through our effective cost estimate. Let’s work together to successfully and effectively work on your project. Half of the job will be done when you start a communication with us to discuss everything in detail. So, don’t waste any time searching for a reliable local agency. Simply call or tex  J & H Epoxy Flooring, name your area or just share the zip code, and get a free estimate!

While our professionals plan to install epoxy floor for you, why don’t you spend some time with your family and friends and explore Brunswick, Saint Simons Island, or Jekyll Island? After all, you have some great options like Selden Park, Howard Coffin Park, and Earth Day Nature Trail.

Where do we offer our service?

We also install epoxy floors in other nearby places like Glynco, Waynesville, Azalea Gardens, Glynn Haven, and Arco, as well as on St Simons Island and Jekyll Island. Give J & H Epoxy Flooring a call today to schedule a free estimate on your next retaining wall project. Let us turn your ideas into reality.